JUDr. Hana Lenghartová
attorney-at-law and registered mediator,
member of the A.D.R. section of the Czech Bar Association

Dlouhá 16, Praha 1, 11000


227 195 390-1
602 381 701

IN: 66246547


Diplomatic Academy

Czech Bar Association

List of Mediators

Remuneration for Mediation

Remuneration for the mediator’s services at “the first meeting of participants of the dispute with the mediator” is established according to the provisions of § 10 Act No. 202/2012 Coll. on mediation, and of § 15 of execution decree no.227/2012 Coll. and amounts to 400 CZK + VAT for each commenced hour of such mediation meeting. All the participants pay an equal portion of the remuneration.

Contractual remuneration amount for mediation itself is 10.000 CZK + VAT for each commenced hour of mediation proceedings. Unless the mediation contract stipulates differently, the remuneration is again covered by all the participants in equal parts.

The parties might be motivated to use mediation services and reach an agreement in a dispute, as the court may return 80% of the judicial fee according to § 10 par. 7 Act No. 549/1991 Coll. on judicial fees. This provision stipulates remuneration of the judicial fee for those cases, where agreement is reached between the participant through mediation and the court then confirms this agreement.